Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Coming Up

Hello! I'm back after a 10 day *cough* break, and I'll be posting regularly from now on. Here's what's coming up on this blog this side of July!

Being Human series 4 coverage - Lots of trailers, clips, interviews, and pics. Expect a full round-up of news on Saturday!

Film trailers and reviews - There'll be plenty of film trailers and reviews coming up too!

Feature week - I'm planning a feature week, with seven features over seven days, with different writers. The feature week is pencilled in for the week starting January 24th!

DVD review SPLURGE - DVD reviews of Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe, Merlin: The Complete Fourth Series and Sherlock: Complete Series Two will all be coming soon.

Life, Merlin and Twitter Spurious Awards - Based off SFX's Spurious Awards, there'll be Spurious Awards each Friday.

Twitter features: There will be a 'Who to follow on Twitter', 'Tweets of the Month' and other things coming up too.

Keep calm, and enjoy the blog! (If not, keep calm and run away)

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